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Großarltal is also a paradise for all tourers. As well as the signposted and tended pistes there are lots of unprepared deep snow, and partly firn snow, trails available too. This means you can perfectly combine the advantages of hiking and skiing, since you head uphill on your skis. Ski touring is a very popular winter sport since it works the entire body. Your leg muscles are trained on the ascent and descent, while your upper body and arm muscles get a work-out on the ascent by using poles. Ski touring is also a real endurance sport, strengthening the cardiovascular system and requiring a higher energy expenditure. This sport can be practised at any time in the winter, since you don't need to rely on any lifts.

For example, a ski tour to the 2,011 metre high Penkkopf is recommended. It takes about 3 hours to cover a distance of 9.2 km and 800 metres in altitude. You will be rewarded with a sensational view and a great downhill run. There is also a wonderful ski tour on the Loosbühel. The 630 metres in altitude that have to be overcome are definitely worth it, because the view at the summit is breathtaking. On the descent, you pass the Loosbühelalm hut, where you can get refreshments.

But there is also a wonderful ski tour to the Fulseck (2,033 m). You start at the Hochbrandbahn and first climb the Kieserl (1,952 m). From here you continue to the Fulseck, where you can enjoy a unique view. At the Gipflstadl you can fortify yourself with a delicious snack. After this refreshment, you can enjoy the beautiful descent on the ski slope.

But of course you can also book a guided ski tour via Berggesund.

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